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Nike Launches Chinese version of APP And More Jing Daily

Details: The American sportswear brand, Nike, announced on Tuesday that users can now download the Chinese version of the Nike App from the iOS and Android app stores. The Nike App Chinese version is Nike’s one-stop shop, which aims to provide members with a personalized, immersive experience, and to inspire every Chinese consumer to live a fitness

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What Brands Need to Know About WeChat's New App-Within-an

Details: Mini-apps have several key benefits. They’re cheaper than developing a standalone mobile app, since one version fits all—no more Android/iOS versions required for phones with different operating systems. They can also be shared across …

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Nike China Cuts 400 Jobs to Make Way for Digital Jing Daily

Details: In 2019, the company offered a Chinese version of its app from iOS and Android app stores.This one-stop-shopping platform was aimed at providing members with a personalized, immersive experience, since at the time, Nike’s global vice president and general manager of Greater China said that China’s consumer market was huge, and its digital consumption was very developed.

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WeChat Channels: Will the New Feature Disrupt Short-Video

Details: So why do some people see this feature, while others don’t? Well, the feature is still in beta testing. Users in some regions will see the WeChat Channels feature listed under “Discover” after updating to WeChat 7.0.10 for iOS or Android. If you can’t access the feature …

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Key Takeaways from the WeChat Developer Conference Jing

Details: Much akin to Apple, Tencent holds an annual WeChat Developer Conference where it announces changes to the platform, new features, and insights into how users (and how many users) are using its platform. Last January it unveiled mini-programs, a type of in-app apps that are launched from inside WeChat, and in a sense gradually making WeChat into an operating system in its own …

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With Luxury Ads on WeChat and New Mobile Games on the Rise

Details: For now, the good news is that Tencent has had two video game titles approved since January, and now the tech giant, alongside video game maker Activision, has announced that they’ll bring a new game from the blockbuster “Call of Duty” series titled “Call of Duty: Mobile” to Android and iOS devices across Europe and the Americas.

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Analytics for WeChat Mini-Programs: Where Do We Stand for

Details: Unique codebase across iOS and Android, no need to maintain 2 APP versions 20~50% of the development cost of an APP Much shorter time-to-release. Low acquisition cost through accessibility: sharing is the #1 entry point overall Source: ALDWX Mini …

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Tips to Get the Most Out of WeChat for Event Marketing

Details: - Android H5 application download page - iOS AppStore directly Trackable/ Highly shareable / O2O. Experience economy in China 10 Get access to all of the possibilities of event management with WeChat mini-programs Seat Map ROI reporting Registration Ticket …

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Top Drinks Brands Unveil Smart Bottles to Fight China's

Details: The next step would be to expand NFC technology to non-Android operating systems, such as Apple’s iOS. Categories. Market Analysis, Tech. Tags. china, china luxury, counterfeits, diageo, fake alcohol china, johnnie walker r, Luxury, mobile, remy martin, wine and spirits. Related Articles.

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Le Tote CEO on Bringing ‘the Netflix of Fashion’ to China

Details: We’re very much focused on social first, and then we’ll be launching our mobile web service and iOS and Android apps in a few weeks. We realised early on that in China there’s just no point at all having a desktop site. It’s one of those technologies they’ve pretty much completely skipped.

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