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Get your shortcut on! – HS Insider

Details: Download the HS Insider home screen shortcut on your mobile phone. On iOS: Open Safari or internet browser, and go to highschool.latimes.com Push the square share button on the bottom middle of the screen Add to home screen Add On Android: Open Safari or internet browser, and go to highschool.latimes.com …

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Overview of fantasy game ‘Fate Grand Order

Details: “Fate Grand Order” is a fantasy game based on the Fate series, and is free to play on any Android or IOS devices. According to Common Sense Media, “Fate Grand Order” is rated four out of five stars for overall quality and learning potential. Common Sense Media strives to have the internet be a safe place for children by providing

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All-girls hackathon provides awareness for mental health

Details: Using the 3 options: Paper prototype, Figma prototype, or Thunkable prototype, teams would present them to the judges. Figma is a collaborative interface design tool for designers to bring interactivity into their prototype. Thunkable is a drag and drop block coding app builder for Android and iOS. The main theme/challenge is Mental Health.

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Opinion: Your online data may not truly belong to you – HS

Details: One iOS and Android application has gained national popularity for its seemingly amusing, unique qualities which, according to Business Insider, raked in 12 million first-time users in only a one week period. This application is called FaceApp, a free mobile application that uses artificial intelligence to transform the user’s face using filters.

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Is my Amazon Echo spying on me

Details: In addition to voice recognition input, Alexa’s capabilities are fully integrated into the Amazon Alexa app for iOS and Android devices. Using Alexa as a centralized node to process data and delegate tasks between various wifi-enabled devices paves the way for future innovations in smart home utilities, such as robot butlers or the next

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Pokémon GO sweeping the nation – HS Insider

Details: Forbes reported on July 11 that “market intelligence firm Sensor Tower estimates Pokémon GO already has 7.5M U.S. downloads on iOS and Android since early July 7, with $1.6M in daily revenue in Apple’s iOS …

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