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Target Ticket Gives You TEN Free Digital Videos For Signing Up

Details: *Note that the app is available for iOS and standard Android devices, but is not yet available for the Kindle Fire line of tablets. Isn’t Signing Up Just To Get The Free Movies Unethical? Obviously, that’s a judgment call each individual must make. However, since Warner Brothers has partnered with Target on this, in order to give people who

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Does Your Kindle Fire Need Virus Protection

Details: Hacks designed to work on the Fire’s custom version of Android will not work on a Windows PC or a Mac. *6/13/13 UPDATE: there are now some apps available that allow for file transfers or video/audio streaming from other computing devices to and from your Fire via a wifi connection.

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Upgrading To A New Kindle Fire: How To Copy Content From

Details: a. Open the desired content folder in the Fire window (e.g., Alarms, Books, Movies, etc.). b. Open the corresponding folder in the backup folder window (e.g., if you opened ‘Alarms’ in the Fire window, open ‘Alarms’ in the backup window). c. Copy all the contents from the backup window to the new Fire content window.

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Kindle And Audible Won't Sync!

Details: Here’s what they had me do to resolve the issue: 1. Delete BOTH the Audible and Kindle editions from your device—but NOT from the Cloud! 2. Re-download the Audible edition FIRST. Let it finish downloading completely. If the download fails, delete the partial download and try again. 3. Re-download the Kindle edition.

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Digital Media Mom's Take On The Amazon Fire TV Streaming

Details: If you have a Fire tablet from 2013 or later, or a Fire Phone, you can get the free Amazon Fire TV Remote App. The app is also compatible with other Android devices and an iOS version is coming soon, but I can’t speak to them since I’m using the app with a 2013 Fire HDX tablet—and on …

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