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Three Ways Technology Can Help Teachers Differentiate

Details: There is still the challenge of curating, but you can begin with vetted, searchable content that can be accessed by students using any web browser, or via iOS or Android. 3. Improve. Once relevant content has been curated, organized and delivered, we need to figure out whether or not differentiation is working.

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9 Best Kindergarten Apps (Great for Preschool, Too!)

Details: With 100,000+ educational iOS apps on the market, it would take a significant chunk of time out of each week to identify those "needle in a haystack" apps that will be most effective and age appropriate for preschool and kindergarten students. To help narrow your focus, start your search by looking for the following characteristics as you hunt

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eSpark won an EDDIE Award for best Multi-Subject iPad App

Details: School districts intending to use the new technology must decide between the two market leaders: Apple's iPad (running Apple iOS) or the Google Android tablet (from Samsung, Motorola, Hewlett Packard and others). Proponents for digitizing classrooms believe it could eventually save schools as much as $3 billion a year in textbook costs, etc.

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